New Product and WIP

Drop Stitch Scarf

As promised in the last post, I have completed a Drop Stitch Scarf and it is up for sale on the Etsy page, I’m just as in love with this design as I was last time and very happy to share it with you.  Also available seperately is a Best Fit Beanie Hat in the same light green if you want a matching set.

Work In Progress

The WIP is another new pattern I found free on Ravelry.  I’ll let you know what I think of it when It’s finished.  My thoughts on it so far are that it is a simple pattern, which I like, but it is making an interesting shape that I am excited to see the end product.  This one is being made specifically for the Etsy site so even if I really really like it I promise to make it available for sale anyway.  I’m totally diggin the color which is called Redwood; it’s not red, not orange and not brown but would be a great addition to attire of any of those colors.

Leave me a comment, let me know what you think and have a good one.

Visit us at,  I knit for your comfort.


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