New Project

20170719_16375920170723_203550The project I’m working on now is one that I have done before.  I am making a replica scarf from the 1970’s version of Doctor Who.  I found a free pattern for it on from around the 1980’s.  I used to watch Dr Who with my dad when I was little so I made him the 4th Doctor’s 12 foot long eccentrically colored scarf for Christmas last year and it turned out awesome!  I loved it so much and it was so much fun to work on I decided to make another for Old and New 4 U Store. I went online to and found the closest matching colors in DK weight superwash Merino. 2 agonizingly slow weeks later I received my order, on time and perfect. The BBC instructions have a hand written note on them that say American Sizes #9 needle but that seemed too large to me so I went to for some advise and went with the US size 5. My needles are about 9 inches long and that fits all 60 stitches nicely without too much bunching. I’m having so much fun with it already and it has sparked the beginning of an idea for future projects.




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