I was asked to make a rooting blanket for a co-worker’s pet pig, Kevin Bacon. Apparently pet pigs need these so they can find hidden treats in them like they would in the wild. They’re cute as buttons when they’re doing it an it keeps them entertained for quite a while so wins all around. I didn’t take pictures of the process but I’ll show you what I have 

Here’s what I did.  I found 2 no slip bathtub mats that I put together so I had a 4 × 4 square. 

I then cut 5 yards of fleece into 1 foot by 2 inch pieces.  Then I double knotted through the holes at the “seam” of the mats to hold them together. Next I went around the outside border knotting every edge-hole. After that I filled in all the middle holes, double knotting every 2 holes.  Finally I used a 2nd color to fill it in further by diagonally double knotting every 2 holes and filling in more around the edges.

The end result is a shaggy looking rug. The pet owner hides cheerios or dried fruit in it and Mr. or Ms. Pig roots them out for a delightful snack. 

Et voila! A rooting blanket for Kevin.


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